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The history of New Anna Cosmetics dates back to 1991 when the Company. New Anna Cosmetics first started its activity only on thepharmaceutical local market and quickly gained the trust and loyalty of clients, soon expanding to cooperate with the biggest pharmacy wholesale companies in Poland. 

In recent years due to popularity of our natural hair care products we started to focus on developing cosmetic branch of the Company and including lip and body care products. Nowadays, our products are well-know not only in Poland, but also in many countries all over the world. We are active on 3 main fields: pharmacy, cosmetics and private label. Since the beginning the main philosophy of New Anna Cosmetics was to create safe products based on herbal extracts. 

We believe in innovation as a source of business and place emphasis on creative solutions. Our clients’ and business partners’ trust is the best indicator of quality and effectiveness of our products.

New Anna Cosmetics is a member of the Polish Union of Cosmetic Industry.

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