Oil Control is a line created for the care of  oily, combination or problematic skin. Specially selected ingredients have a deeply cleansing, refreshing effects, regulate sebum secretion and reducing pore size.


Line of luxury face serums with very high concentration of active ingredients give instant smoothness and moisture to the skin. Unique blend of highly effective, active ingredients in light formulations will make skin silky soft, nourished and firm.


Line of face masks and facial scrubs was created for all of skin types. Facial scrubs are perfect for daily gentle face cleanse. They not only exfoliate dead skin cells but also have purifying ingredients that make this product into face gel and scrub 2 in 1 substitute.
Masks moisturise, deeply nourish and smooth skin. Regular application gives skin natural glow and soothes irritations. Masks firm, revitalize the skin, make it softer and visibly healthier.


Hair shampoos with natural extracts and oils - over 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin. They nourish and protect the hair, gently cleansing it, while providing the hair with hydration. After washing, the hair is easy to comb, silky smooth and healthy shiny.


Hair Conditioner was formulated with Macadamia Oil and natural extracts: caviar, silk, keratin and pearl to promote natural shine and leave hair feeling soft and manageable. Conditioner is enriched with Vitamin E and Provitamin B5. Exclusive blend of active ingredients moisturize and regenerate hair. Strands are strengthened from within and nourished throughout, helping to maintain longer, stronger and full of natural luster hair, that are easy to style and silky smooth. As an addition to line of luxury hair shampoo, we created hair serum. It contains natural extracts and emolients for instant moisture and regeneration of hair.


Line of massage oil aims to firm and strengthen skin. Oils are enriched with Vitamins and herbal extracts that were chosen and combined to give the best results of improving micro circulation in the skin resulting in soft, firm skin and visible slimming effects.
Oils contain Argan Oil that improves the elasticity of the skin, moisturises, regenerates, prevents stretch marks and improves skin appearance. Massage oil helps to relax body and leaves skin conditioned and smooth.

Bath Caviar

Bath caviar is a touch of luxury on your body. Super moisturizing and regenerating ingredients will make your skin soft, smooth and gain a healthy glow. Aromatic, relaxing scents of these pearls awaken the senses.

Natural bath salt from the Caribbean Sea

Enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing magical home SPA ritual with natural bath salt from the Caribbean Sea.
Skin-beneficial ingredients: Natural salt from the Caribbean Sea - strongly softens, cleanses the skin, strongly nourishes and remineralizes the skin.
Our sea salt is also perfect for foot baths: it smoothes and softens them, and helps to care for calluses and cracked heels.


Unique formula with the consistency of honey for massage based on natural oils. Product provides extraordinary sensations, spreading smoothly on the skin, providing a relaxing and soothing body or face massage. Massage honey is a combination of natural oils and extracts that will take your massage to a new level - the special formula nourishes the skin and provides essential nutrients, moisturizes and firms the skin.