Line Oil Control has the task of cleansing and refreshing combination skin and oily skin. It contains a combination of active ingredients and herbal extracts that regulate sebum secretion, improve and refresh the appearance of skin, reduce the appearance of pores.


Innovative DetOX line with its benefcial protective and restorative actions not only forms a protective barrier, but also soothes and repairs the effects of exposure to harmful external factors, especially air pollution and heavy metals.


DETOX Carbon line of face care products – mask, scrub and cleansing gel has strong detoxifying effect and instantly improves the appearance and condition of skin. It is especially recommended for daily face care routine of oily and combination skin type. Innovative formula, based on natural bamboo carbon, purifies the skin from toxins, tightens pores and prevents blemishes. Line was enriched with natural herbal extracts to intensify its cleansing, nourishing, refreshing and balancing actions.


Line VITAMIN BOMB has to respond to the needs of the skin and hair for these beneficial ingredients. Modern line is a real vitamin bomb in a complex way providing the necessary nutrients.


Line of cosmetics Pro Youth, comprehensively takes care of skin and hair, slows down the process of aging as a result of harmful factors. Thanks to modern cosmetic line Pro Youth women of all ages can enjoy radiant, smooth and firm skin. Regardless of the level of exposure to harmful external factors or stress, the product line protects the face and hair against the process of premature aging


Shampoo and hair balm range with extracts from: bamboo, opuntia (cactus) and saw palmetto make an exceptional hair cleansing and deep conditioning duets. Special formulations provide gentle hair care, supply them with valuable nutrients and vitamins. Recommended usage results in soft and silky smooth hair, easy to style and full of natural shine. It is all thanks to regenerating, moisturizing and restoring actions of products.


HAPPY SKIN and HAPPY HAIR aim to ensure the effects of relaxation and stimulation of the production of endorphins, the “happiness hormones”:
• citrus line that adds positive energy, 
• relaxing lavender line
• soothing and calming floral line.
Happy Skin face creams improve skin radiance and even out tone. Dry body oils Happy Skin are a combination of natural oils and herbal extracts in unique, light texture. Hair Mists without rinsing  contain novel complexes of ingredients in a 3D matrix - exclusive technology of sequential release.


Line of luxury face serums with very high concentration of active ingredients give instant smoothness and moisture to the skin. Unique blend of highly effective, active ingredients in light formulations will make skin silky soft, nourished and firm.


Line of face masks and facial scrubs was created for all of skin types. Facial scrubs are perfect for daily gentle face cleanse. They not only exfoliate dead skin cells but also have purifying ingredients that make this product into face gel and scrub 2 in 1 substitute.
Masks moisturise, deeply nourish and smooth skin. Regular application gives skin natural glow and soothes irritations. Masks firm, revitalize the skin, make it softer and visibly healthier.


Line of luxury shampoo with natural extracts: caviar, silk, keratin and pearl to condition and protect your hair. Special ingredients help to cleanse the hair, nourish, moisturise hair and scalp. Gentle shampoo makes hair fresh, soft, easy to comb out and style, giving them glamorous look.


Hair Conditioner was formulated with Macadamia Oil and natural extracts: caviar, silk, keratin and pearl to promote natural shine and leave hair feeling soft and manageable. Conditioner is enriched with Vitamin E and Provitamin B5. Exclusive blend of active ingredients moisturize and regenerate hair. Strands are strengthened from within and nourished throughout, helping to maintain longer, stronger and full of natural luster hair, that are easy to style and silky smooth. As an addition to line of luxury hair shampoo, we created hair serum. It contains natural extracts and emolients for instant moisture and regeneration of hair.


Line of massage oil aims to firm and strengthen skin. Oils are enriched with Vitamins and herbal extracts that were chosen and combined to give the best results of improving micro circulation in the skin resulting in soft, firm skin and visible slimming effects.
Oils contain Argan Oil that improves the elasticity of the skin, moisturises, regenerates, prevents stretch marks and improves skin appearance. Massage oil helps to relax body and leaves skin conditioned and smooth.


FOOTGLAM line is a whole set of foot care products that provides softness, freshness and conditioning properties. This pedicure kit contains: foot cleansing gel to remove impurities; foot scrub to help get a rid of hard skin, dead skin cells, refresh and soften feet; rich and deep nourishing foot cream filled with nutrients and oils to make feet smooth, regenerated and prevent cracked heels; foot oil serum for instant, intensive moisture effect and foot mist for soothing effect and to help get a rid of unpleasant odour.