Glycerin and silicon hand creams with vitamins have regenerating and moisturizing action, restore and smooth dry and damaged skin, protect hands against unfavorable extrinsic factors.



DERMOcosmetic cream prevents excessive dryness of the hands and feet skin. It is perfect for cracked heels. It is also useful in the case of epidermis abrasions, scratching or irritations after body depilation or eyebrow regulation. It restores elasticity to tired skin easily and accelerates epidermis regeneration. It is mild and easy to apply. DERMOcosmetic efficiently prevents skin dryness – maintains its correct moisturizing and grease. It alleviates the feeling of skin burning, dryness, reddening and astringing.



Lavender foot cream with innovative formula for cracked heels, contains Allantoin has healing, soothing and relaxing effects on feet.

Gentle chamomile  foot cream for deep nourishing and conditioning of feet, contains Vitamins E and B5 for regenerating, moisturizing and softening effects.

Refreshing lemon foot cream with innovative formula for long-lasting freshness and softness of feet with lemon oil, Vitamins E and B5.

Black seed foot cream with tea tree oil provides softness to the feet and has antifungal protective, moisturizing and softening effects.